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I made this site for frugal momma so they can get my handmade creations for suggested donation of $5.99 in each item and the shipping is $1.99 in one item. I do combined shipping if you want more than one items. But if you want to buy and doesn't want to donate to get the item you can go to my ebay or website. Thanks!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

About Me

I am happily married to my wonderful husband in Nebraska. I graduated in my Bachelor Degree Major in Home Economics in March 2008.
I became a volunteer in one of the village of the Manobo tribe (native) people in the mountain of Mindanao Philippines. I teach the young and adult how to read and write. They are the uncivilized people in the mountain so that is why they don't know how to read and write.

I didn't think about sewing when I was in the village not until there's a newborn orphan baby in the village that doesn't have clothes to put on. So I sewed tiny shirt and pant by hand for little orphan baby Dave. I want to share to you his picture and his Story.

I sewed baby Dave's little shirt and pant before Jecily & Jerry brought him to the hospital. I realized that God gave me talents to serve people in the community through my service and my hand is where my talents are so I create handmade clothing for kids. I love kids and also I love to create new handmade stuff everyday. To see kids wearing my handmade clothing makes me feel happy.
If only I can provide and just give the clothing, I will do that but I can not continue doing what I want to do when I don't accept donations to buy materials. So that is the reason why for now I accept donations.

I have shops to those who want to buy instead of donating. My shops: bunnzoo and my ebay.

I hope you enjoy browsing my handmade creations. Have a wonderful day!



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